Ask the Spymaster

Q. When playing multiple hands (The Great Game) it seems to get successively harder to find the secret cards we need. Why? What should I be doing?
R. Hollady, SLC, UT
A. After every "kill" and also whenever anyone completes an assignment, the Discard Deckshould be re-shuffled into the Draw Deck. If not, Secret Cards will end up in the Discard Deck while Dagger and Interference Cards will stay in the Draw Deck making the game much more vicious.
Q. What is the penalty if I try to kill someone with only one Dagger and they turn out to be a male agent?

Mark, Sacramento, CA

A. You are dead. The spy business can be unforgiving.

Q. And what is the penalty if someone is caught cheating?

A. If the rules are silent I would leave it up to the other players to decide an appropriate penalty

Q. Who gets the dead spy's cards when he or she is killed by a bomb?
J Bond, in Hiding

A. No one... read the rules again James.

Spies and Spooks™
Secret Game Strategies


Using  A Bomb Card

Basic: Fear of selecting a Bomb card is one of the main threats that keep other players from aggressively stealing your Secrets, especially Secrets that you've already smuggled out of the game. If your character allows it, Smuggle a Bomb card early in the game. If another player tries to steal it, not only will he be eliminated from the game but everyone else will be warned that you will not hesitate to defend your smuggled Secrets.

Advanced: Since you are allowed to smuggle out up to four cards, why not include a decoy? If you have three cards smuggled and haven't announced that you've won the hand, others will be forced to admit the possibility that one or more of your smuggled cards could be a Bomb!


Secret Assignment Difficulty

Basic: As in the real world of espionage, not all Secret Assignments have the same degree of difficulty. The more players there are who compete for any particular Secret card, the more difficult it will be to collect and keep that Secret. Make yourself aware of how many other players may be trying to complete your same Secret Assignment. For example, although there are nine Political Secret cards available, there could also be up to three players in a game vying for those same Secrets.

Advanced: Use the four card smuggle rule wisely! If you know what an opponent is seeking and you have the chance, you may secretly smuggle a card he needs out of his reach. An advantage is that others who try to steal your cards may steal a card that you don't really need and may be mis-led as to what Secrets you are really seeking.

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“Finally a spy themed game that that puts me right in the action…”
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